The Suspense is Killing Us

As I write this post, my boy is downstairs playing with his Wii while waiting for a phone call from his adviser. He's been frantically waiting for days now. He wants to know if he still got the top spot in their grade level. We always remind him that it's ok whether he still gets the gold or not. What's important is that we saw him do his best all throughout the school year.

This is his latest school progress report given last January.

What do you think? Will he still get the gold this year? My son is anxious because he knows that he will get a cool reward from us. While we originally planned a Hong Kong vacation for the three of us, a change in my husband's schedule did not allow us to be away from the country this summer. I'm still keeping my list of Disney vacation packages for later. Meanwhile, our son was promised to receive a Wii band set instead.

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