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I am diabetic so I am always concerned about foot care. I have a manipedi done regularly and footscrubs every now and then. However, being a diabetic also obligates me to be choosy when it comes to nail salons. I cannot afford to have a wound more so if it's on my foot. So far, my trusted nail technicians are from Nail-a-holics. By the way, this post is not Nail-a-holics sponsored. I just love this nail salon so much!

I have tried the services of the SM Megamall branch and the Robinson's Metroeast branch and I give both branches two thumbs up. Yesterday, at the height of the Magnitude 6 earthquake that hit Manila, I went in to have my regular manicure and footspa-pedicure in the SM Megamall branch. I told the receptionist that my legs have become extremely dry and itchy because of the summer weather. She recommended that I try the paraffin treatment.

It was my first paraffin foot treatment ever! First my feet were cleaned, scrubbed, and massaged. After the nails and the cuticles were trimmed, my feet were carefully dipped in a tub of paraffin wax one after the other. I availed of the extended treatment so melted paraffin wax was also poured from the knees down. Surprisingly, it wasn't painful at all. I also noticed a big difference on my skin. It was instant exfoliation and I am feeling better now. No more itchy legs.

I was tempted to have my arms and hands have the paraffin treatment, too. But I remembered that I have the laundry to take care of over the weekend. I dislike wearing rubber work gloves so I'll probably be back for the arm and hand paraffin treatment next time.

Nail-a-holics have branches over the Metro and South Luzon. Search Nailaholics on Facebook or visit to know more about their services.

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