I'm never buying frameless eyeglasses again!

JAN 4: Goodbye glasses.

I bought these frameless eyeglasses in October last year after my quarterly eye check-up. I wanted to have another pair of eyeglasses done rather than just changing the lenses of my old pair. It looks pretty, doesn't it? Not to mention that it really looked great on my round face. Sad to say, these pair has already suffered 2 accidents - one in January and the other just recently.

The first time I had the broken glass changed cost me 500 pesos. This time around, I decided to get a new pair instead. One that will be able to withstand my clumsiness. Yeah, 2,000 bucks down the drain. I learned my lesson well. I'm still keeping the frame, though. I might still need them someday. Who knows?

When you’re looking at the cost of a pair of glasses, it seems like sometimes there is no upper limit. It can even worse if you’re looking at designer pairs. If you find a store that offers a good deal, it’s worth bookmarking it just for when you need to come back to it. The one linked above has a great buyer’s guide that breaks down exactly why glasses are so expensive in the first place, as well as a few tips on how you can break those costs down a little. 

I am now on the lookout for discount prescription glasses that do not only look pretty but should have frames. I'm thinking of getting the ones made of plastic. Wish me luck in my quest!

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