What Ketsana did to Reeboy


When Typhoon Ketsana (Philippine Name: Ondoy)hit the Philippines in September 26, 2009, the town of Cainta was instantly transformed into a sea of muddy water. While we were part of the few Cainta residents who were spared from the floods, my sister and parents were not. Proof of it is the damage that the typhoon had done to my parents' SUV.

My parents own a Toyota Hilux Surf that we fondly call Reeboy because its plate number starts with REE. It was a second-hand unit bought after my mother's retirement in 2006. After my father's stroke, the SUV was left to my sister and brother-in-law's care. Unfortunately, they live in Vista Verde which is one of the most badly hit areas in Cainta. The waters there rose to up to as high as 5 feet. If you look closely at the photo, you will see the muddy line on the carseat's headrests. This is how high the water has been that day considering that the garage is one foot above the street level.

This Holy Week, we will be missing Reeboy's company in our annual Visita Iglesia. The alternator still has to be fixed as well as its airconditioning unit. We are hoping that we'll be given more financial blessings for the repairs. It may not be as expensive as an rv repair job but we also have other priorities to take care of. Nevertheless, we are still thanking God every day that no one in our family was harmed by the flood. Material things are replaceable anyway.

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