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When I started working at home, I was using a conventional computer desk and an office chair that I bought for only 500 pesos back in Laguna. Back then, I did not find the need to update my home office furniture. Besides, I only get to use the computer for an hour a day when I was still teaching in a regular school. It worked for me for almost five years and I thought that it would only be a waste of money. That all changed when I started having shoulder, back, and hand problems after working for hours in front of the computer.

I experienced numbness from the my right wrist to thumb and middle finger. There were also times when sharp pains started jolting through my palms and fingers. My shoulders ached like they were falling apart. It was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome developing and it was because I was sporting the wrong posture while working.

The desk I was working on was too high and the office chair I was sitting on didn't have arms. I also had the tendency to cross my legs while typing on my computer. While there still wasn't a need to wear wrist support, I was advised to rest my hands for a couple of minutes every hour. I also refrained from using the computer mouse too much that I was forced to memorize Microsoft Office keyboard shortcuts. I also stopped playing Facebook games, huhuhu :( But aside from these, what really made me feel better was having the right work desk and chair. My elbows are now resting on my office chair's arms which are at level with my desk.

Having ergonomic office furniture is an integral part of my job. It did not only make my work easier but it also made my body more comfortable. I suggest that you also assess your workplace at home. Observe yourself when you're using your computer. Are you slouching or leaning too close to the monitor? Chances are, your desk and chair are to blame. If you can't update your office furniture at the moment, just make small adjustments so that you won't need to suffer from aching hands and backs.

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