No-no to motorcycle driving

A brother of mine announced his plans of buying a motorcycle to our family and my parents did not warmly receive the idea. Why? Well, a cousin of mine was killed more than a decade ago while riding his motorcycle along C-5 road. Ironic as it seems, but what killed him was an ambulance who drove straight to the opposite side of its lane just to avoid rush hour traffic. Tragic, isn't it?

So from then on, my father believed that the motorcycle is a one-way ticket to the grave. He strongly reminded us that we CANNOT ride motorbikes. But then, we grew up to be adults who can now decide for ourselves. Thus, the decision of my brother.

I somehow share the sentiments of my dad. Motorcycle driving for me is a no-no especially on busy streets. Our main thoroughfares are already crowded with cars and public utility vehicles. I sometimes get surprised when a motorcycle passes by our car during rush hours. In my personal opinion, majority of Filipino drivers, regardless of the number of wheels they're driving, are ignorant of defensive driving. This is the reason why I believe that smaller modes of transportation like bikes, tricycles, and motorbikes, should be driven along smaller private roads.

Oh, by the way, I found something funny on my driver's license. It says I can drive a motorcycle! What the...? I don't even know how to drive a motorbike and I cannot even remember I checked the option when I applied for a driver's license. Another "only here in the Philippines" moment. Chants "I love the Philippines" over and over to self.

So, dear brother, if you are reading this, please don't buy a motorcycle yet until we find a motorcycle accident lawyer for safety's sake.

What's your stand on this? I'd love to read about what you think.

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