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Have you noticed how online selling, especially in Multiply, has become a hit to enterprising Filipino entrepreneurs? A few months ago, I thought of starting an online shop for our "pre-loved" things. I envisioned an online garage sale of sorts but that was before Multiply announced the need to declare if the account is a personal account of an online seller account. It sounded complicated for me. Plus the fact that I got busy with my writing tasks. So, in short, I backed out.

Since I am part of the organizers of our high school batch's 15th year reunion, I discovered that two of my high school batchmates are now successful in their online selling ventures. Their online shops are both hosted on Multiply and they accept payments through bank deposits and Smart Money and G-cash payments. They keep their payment options to these three because it's more uncomplicated for their clients. Other bigger online businesses have merchant accounts that make them capable of accepting credit card payments. I guess, my batchmates won't need to find a merchant account reseller for them to have one because, normally, average Filipinos do not use credit cards in online shopping. Then again, they will definitely need to have a merchant account once they get global.

Have you tried selling goods online? How has your e-commerce experience been so far?

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  1. Hi Mau,

    I was an online seller for 5 years before I began working online.

    Napagod ako sa demands ng clients haha


  2. mas ok pa nga din ang multiply, although some merchants are starting to migrate their accounts to facebook since mas madami ng gumagamit ng facebook.


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