Our Impromptu Trick or Treat

Our Halloweens in Laguna Bel Air were always busy. I always dressed up our house for it to win in the village's Spookiest House search. Ralph was always present in costume contests and in going around the village for Trick or Treat. Everything changed when relocated.

It's probably because I'm busier now than I used to that I don't get to decorate the house for Halloween anymore. Ralph is also older now and he's not too keen to join Trick or Treat activities. Our village was quite new too when we moved in so there were no events like these.

Yesterday, however, I was surprised to come home seeing groups of children in costume walking the streets and visiting each house for treats. I didn't know that the community organized a Trick or Treat event this year. So, as soon as I got off the car, I asked the houseboy to buy 200 pesos worth of candies to give away. We just placed the candies on a bowl cause we didn't have time to wrap them in individual loot bags anymore.

I'm fortunate that my houseboy had the common sense to decorate our house a week before Halloween with our old Halloween decors from our Laguna Bel Air Days. Our monster this year was my husband's Halloween costume in 2003. All the others were what's left of our old Halloween knick knacks. See the pictures below.

Ralph was a different story last night. He didnt' want to join the Trick or Treat activity of the other kids not because he didn't want too but because he was hurt that we were not informed. He did not have a costume and he's used to go around the streets in a costume for Trick or Treat. I had to bully him to make him at least distribute the candies to the neighbors. And he did so for the first group of kids.

A few minutes later, he popped open a green colored Pintoora bubble gum that made his mouth look like that of a monster's so I immediately drew dark lines under his eyes with my eyeliner and some blood stains under his mouth with my lip and cheek tint. My husband got his hat from his UN costume a week ago and in the end he looked like this...

Nice impromptu Halloween costume, don't you think? My boy's spirit was lifted and he got inspired to join the second group of kids going around the village.

He still got a lot of candies and joined the kiddie program that followed.

He was one spooky and contented boy before the night ended. I was one happy mom, too. I'm glad that he still got to enjoy the night even when everything was rushed.

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