Happy Mother's Day!

Now you might be wondering why on earth am I writing about Mother's Day! LOL! It's because I have been so touched by my nephew's childlike sincerity one night. He says "Happy Mother's Day" instead of saying "Thank you!". It's like he equates the greeting to bliss! He greets anyone "Happy Mother's Day" when he's extremely happy and grateful about something. Yes, he says this to anyone regardless of gender. Even to my husband!

Going home from my mom and dad's birthday celebration, we gave Lloyd (my brother) and his 3-year old son Clyde a ride home since our homes were near to each other. Our SUV was jampacked because also riding that night with us were my sister and my brother-in-law. Ralph was riding with me in the front. Clyde was riding with the others in the passengers' seat at the back. Being the young curious child that he is, he wanted to check out how it feels to ride in front.

Instead of sitting on my lap where Ralph already was, we let him sit for a while on the arm rest between me and my husband who was driving. My husband even let him hold the steering wheel. Probably, the little boy was very happy, thankful, and overwhelmed that he rested his head on my husband's shoulder and blurted out "Ninong... Ninong... Happy Mother's Day!". Everyone laughed their hearts out. I knew he wanted to say "Thanks!" but he felt it wasn't enough. I was so touched by the sincerity of what he said.

Kids are life's greatest teachers, don't you think? Once again, a child has shown me that little things mean a lot. And I should be giving thanks for all its worth.

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