Reusing Tape Receipts

I do the grocery on a weekly basis. buy almost everything in the supermarket except for the rice and vegetables. I buy almost all of the supplies needed for the week because I find that I am able to budget our money more by doing so.

My weekly trips to the grocery do not only make our pantry full but our garbage bins as well. I bring home at least 8 plastic bags with small carton linings and a long tape receipt. When my son made a campaign about environmental preservation in a school contest, I was exposed to the truth about our present environmental problems. I already knew that there was a problem but I wasn't that too keen to make a move. As Rap said in his speech, "Habits have to change." So now I plan to do more of the walking and less of the talking.

To resolve my problem in the oversupply of supermarket plastic bags, I stopped buying plastic garbage bags for our trash cans and instructed my helper to use the plastic bags instead. I also fold the plastic bags so it will not be all crumpled up and will be ready for future uses.

The tape receipts, once its more than a week old, I use as scratch paper for note-taking and other scribbles. I roll the receipts around the handle of a paintbrush and just pull and tear whenever I needed a piece of paper to write a short note. Here's how it looks like on my desk:

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