Learning Styles and Learning

I teach for four hours a day in one-on-one tutorials. Most of my teacher-friends think that I'm having the time of my life now compared than when I was still teaching in a regular school. They think that being a tutor is easier than teaching an entire class. I think that I have more challenges now than when I was still teaching in Laguna. In teaching a regular class, I only prepare one lesson a day for the entire class. Today, I prepare a unique lesson for each of my students. Each student has his own learning style that I should be catering to. It would be a shame if I don't because that's why they needed me in the first place. They are probably left out in their own classes because they cannot learn in a traditional learning environment. All of my students study in exclusive schools, by the way.

In my Reading Education studies I have learned that there are four different types of learners. They are grouped according to the way they learn. These groups are:
  1. Auditory learners are those that can recall easily through listening to discussions of the concept or topic to be learned. These type of students are those who get to learn and retain facts during class discussions. A student of mine is having problems with his reading skills so he learns well when we engage in an exchange of facts and opinions about a particular topic.
  2. Visual learners learn easily by seeing, watching, or observing. They can recall easily when they see pictures, videos, or texts. My son, on the other hand, learns effectively when he reads texts in his books but doesn't listen well to his teacher during class discussions. His teacher, during our recent conference, confided to us that he's amazed how Rap gets to answer her questions every time she calls him even if she knows he is not listening attentively.
  3. Tactual learners need to experience things to be able to learn. They remember more easily when they draw, paint, write, cook, or any thing that they can do with their hands. My youngest student shows improved comprehension of our lessons when I let him draw on the whiteboard. I'm also a tactual learner. I memorize facts easily when I write them.
  4. Kinesthetic learners are those that learn easily by experiencing and being involved in the learning process itself. These are the students who recall better when they make experiments, immersions, and other explorations.

These learning styles may be affected by environmental, emotional, social, physical , and psychological elements. Identifying a student's learning style is vital in teaching. At least, it is for me. Every students has his own learning style that is unique to him. I see to it that I match my teaching methods to his learning style to make the most out of our sessions.

It's just disheartening sometimes that some parents aren't aware of their own children's learning styles. One parent-clients even pressured me in the past to produce weekend worksheets for her son when, in fact, he child is a kinesthetic learner. I think parents should be also aware of their children's learning styles so teachers like me can get their full cooperation.

Do you know your child's learning style?

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