Camping With The Boys

10:05 PM

We finally bought a camping tent! It's not one with the expensive brand really but I think it's sturdy enough to last for years. The boys are actually excited that they brought it with them to UP Diliman while I was at iBlog 7.

We're planning to have a road trip this Lent. The original plan was for us to have our Visita Iglesia while on our way to Ilocos Norte but I figured that my husband will probably be too tired to go to work after the trip so we decided to go to Batangas instead. I found a few resorts that can accommodate campers but I haven't found the time to reserve yet.

How I wish we have a motorhome so camping trips like this one won't be a problem at all. Oh well, we still have lots of years to wait until we can afford a motorhome and a motorhome insurance.

Any camping site suggestions that's just near Manila?

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  1. wow! this is awesome.. wish we could go on camping like you..

  2. it's always good to see parents spending quality time with their children despite hectic schedules. :) my parents used to always take time to take us out on out-of-town trips.


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