Lucky Graduated From College

After four long years, my youngest brother Lucky finally graduated from college. I know that my parents are proud that all five of us received college degrees. I am even more proud because I helped send my youngest brother to college from my freelance writing income.

Woohoo! I can finally use a huge chunk of my income for things I've been meaning to buy for myself and my boys. Guess what? As a "graduation gift" for myself, I bought myself a spanking new Samsung Galaxy Tab. I still can't afford an iPad, teehee! At least I paid for my Tabby Cat in cash *winks*.

I have lots of things in my "To Buy" list. First of which is the Speedlight SB-600 flash for my Nikon which I've been meaning to buy before the Samsung tablet sale. I'm also saving up for an overseas vacation for me and my boys. Aaah, all of these in the right time. It just makes me feel more motivated to work harder.

Congratulations to all members of Batch 2011!

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