The 24-Hour Mommy: Piano Lessons at Tri-World Piano Centre

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Piano Lessons at Tri-World Piano Centre

9:55 PM

Rap started with his piano lessons last week and today is his third lesson. I already taught him the basics a few years back and I'm glad he did not forget everything. He's relearning how to read notes again but I'm confident that he'll be even better than me because he constantly practices at home.

Rap goes to Tri-World Piano Centre in SM Megamall twice a week. I paid Php 5,500 for 12 lessons (plus 1 free lesson) and Php 140 for his piano book and music notebook. So far, I'm contented with his 1-hour lessons because not one minute is spent idle. He even gets to do some "piano homework" aside from his Kumon worksheets.

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