"Make Time For Me Time": Making Self-Care My Priority This 2023

If I can only summarize the past year in one word, it would be "overwhelming." Last year was the year when, one by one, everything started going back to normal. My husband and son began to go out more often because of work and school and it only meant going back to the early morning chores that I used to do pre-pandemic. Our church community also started face-to-face weekly sessions so I also have to prepare the production materials every Friday and Saturday, and wake up early on Sundays. In short, I have less time for "me-time" now!

Me and the other participants of the "Make Time For Me-Time" Retreat

Self-care is very important when it comes to our overall health. This is why I was so grateful when AXA Philippines invited me and other media people to the "Make Time For Me Time" Retreat in Tagaytay that was filled with activities that promoted holistic health. Moms like me are busy with daily chores that we often do not have extra hours to spend for ourselves. But as they say, "you can't pour from an empty cup," and here are a few reasons why I'm making sure that I'm prioritizing myself more this year.

Managing how our emotions affect our loved ones  

When mom is angry, the whole house becomes a war zone. And the fact that emotions are contagious does not help at all. When I'm grumpy, the boys either zone out and ignore me or become grumpy as well. So I told my husband that, this year, I will be more conscious of my emotions and be more mellow. It's so hard for me to do, I tell you,  but I really committed to have a positive happy home this year and in the years to come.

Heres to more smiles and less frowns this 2023!

Have mental space for happiness

When we are rested, we feel happier in doing fun activities, compared to when we’re overworked, anxious, or stressed. I have already experienced burn out especially at work and it has made me unproductive. At the retreat, I learned that it's important to take breaks every hour not only to rest but also to enjoy even the simplest things that are meant to be enjoyed.

Mandala making was fun and I think I'll be doing this more often but digitally.

Treating resting as a necessity, not an option

This year, I will start to say "NO" to tasks that will take up too much of my time and give me less hours with my family, my faith, and myself. Years ago with a difficult boss, I pushed myself to the limit and my health suffered. It was very serious that I became hypertensive and anaemic at the same time! That's when I knew that my body needed rest. I don't want to experience that again, ever. 

I vow to give more time for rest and reading my pending books!

Keeping yourself healthy

Stress can be beneficial at times, but only when necessary.  I try to listen to my body more, nowadays. When I don't feel well, I eat healthy food and drink my vitamins. When I feel tired, I sleep. And because my recent lab results don't look well, I also promised myself that I will be healthier this year. I'm going back to intermittent fasting and having a low carb diet like what I did pre-pandemic. I also plan to exercise more and eat less unhealthy food.

Definitely going back to doing low-carb intermittent fasting plus yoga and dancing to be healthier again this 2023.

"When we choose ourselves, we are often afraid to come off as selfish. However, we need to understand that we also need to take care of ourselves in order to care of our loved ones even better,” said AXA Philippines Chief Marketing Officer Nandy Villar. “It is time to leave behind this guilt and commit to making time for me-time. We at AXA Philippines are here as your partner to support you in achieving holistic health this year and beyond.”

To be worry-free in 2023, you need a partner who can help you feel safe. AXA Health Care Access is a comprehensive health insurance plan that covers all potential healthcare needs, from prevention and diagnosis to hospitalization and treatments. Select plans even include teleconsultation and mental health services, to truly cover your holistic well-being.

AXA Philippines also has health plans that cover exams to diagnose critical illnesses that must be dealt with immediately. AXA's Health Start plan covers critical illnesses, including cancers that affect women. This is especially favorable for mothers because they can also choose to share the coverage with their child. AXA also has other health insurance options, such as the Health Start Lite plan. This already covers the top three critical illnesses, namely cancer, stroke, and heart attack, as well as nine minor critical illnesses to which women may be predisposed.

AXA also offers Global Health Access, a health plan which offers best-in-class global health coverage of up to PHP 100 million and comprises the diagnosis and prevention of illnesses through extensive medical checks and outpatient benefits, cancer coverage, reimbursement supplements, as well as cash benefits for pregnant women.

Taking care of your family entails taking care of yourself as well. Making time for me-time is an essential component of self-care and overall health and well-being. With an AXA health insurance plan, you can also be financially healthy and have an additional layer of security against health issues, allowing you to truly enjoy having time for yourself and your family as you move forward in life this year.

For more information about AXA Philippines’ health offerings visit axa.com.ph/health-protection

I truly had a great time with my mommy friends and newfound media friends. Thanks again AXA Philippines for making this happen. Watch the short video I made of our 2-day retreat here:

@mauieflores My first #metime getaway in years was quick but fun because I had a great time w/ long-time mommy blogger friends, @Jen Aspacio, @Mommy Levy & @Mommy Iris and Sammy. I needed this so badly! Thank you for making this possible, @axaphilippines @comco.southeastasia! #maketimeformetime #axaphilippines ♬ Me Time - whiplash music

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