How Parents Can Find The Right Family Car

With the exception of a property, a car is likely to be the biggest purchase you make. It’s hard to make the right choice when it comes to a vehicle because there are so many factors to take into account, but when you are a parent (especially a new parent), it becomes even harder. You’re not the only one you need to think about now, and you have to take the safety and comfort of our little one into account too. This can make a tricky task into a daunting one. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself some questions and to determine just what the right car is for you. Read on to find out more. 


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The Size 

The size is one of the first and most important things to think about. You'll need enough space, and you may need a big car if you plan to add to your family soon. Another thing to think about is storage space since you may need a lot of room in the trunk for groceries, sports gear, strollers, pets, and everything else a parent needs.


Car Seats 

While Latch systems (child safety seat anchors) are standard in all vehicles manufactured after September 2002, they are not required in all seats. Prior to making a purchase, you should verify that all of the rear seats have anchors. Remember that these special anchors found on the back of the seats, under the seats, on the ceiling, on the floor, or in any other location are required for children in forward-facing car seats to ride safely and legally in the smaller rear seats.


This is especially important if you are considering a vehicle with a third row (in other words, a great spot to seat smaller kids who won't complain about legroom). Many cars do not come with this function, so prospective buyers should consult the handbook before making a purchase. Or you can speak to the experts at Edmunds about what you need from a car. 



Many parents put safety first while shopping for a new car for their children. Try to find a vehicle with excellent crash test ratings and a history of keeping its occupants alive if it gets into an accident. When shopping for a family car, parents should research crash test and safety rating data to make sure they are buying the safest car their budget can afford. In reality, even if you're not overly keen on the look of the car, if it's a safe one, it's worth compromising. 



In most cars, the seats are upholstered in cloth because it is cheaper and more common. If you intend to keep your car for a while, though, you should consider upgrading to a material that is much easier to clean. Leather or pleather seating is more kid-friendly because it's easier to clean. Though it may cost a lot up front, it could end up saving you money if you avoid having to deal with strange odors and discolored spots.

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