Abbott Launches PediaSure Plus 10+ on Shopee

Did you know that according to the Philippine National Nutrition Council, three out of 10 Filipino children from age 10-15 are still stunted? Sad to say, we often forget that older kids also need help with their nutrition. Yes, they're less picky and are already eating well at this stage but are they really getting the nutrients they need? To help us, moms, with this dilemma, Abbott is launching PediaSure Plus 10+, a new line that is scientifically designed to help support the growth of children from age 10 to 15 years old.

I'm a PediaSure mom. PediaSure supported Ralph when we were nursing him back to health after his bout with Kawasaki Disease. He drank PediaSure from age 4 to 10 then we stopped because he already reached his weight goal and was already eating well. I think if PediaSure Plus 10+ was launched then, we would have continued giving him PediaSure. 

It's his cousin Leland's turn now, and what a relief that there's PediaSure Plus 10+ already because he was still drinking PediaSure Plus. Finally, there's a PediaSure Plus that will supplement the nutrients that he needs to grow taller, stronger,  and healthier. He loved that Choco variant of PediaSure Plus 10+, by the way.

Enjoy up to 30% off and free vouchers with PediaSure Plus 10+ Bundles!

Now, here's the good part. You can get up to 30% off plus free vouchers when you buy PediaSure Plus 10+ on Shopee this May 31!  Here are some bundles that you can already add to your cart:

PediaSure Plus Choco Up Age 10+ 1800g Bundle of 2

PediaSure Plus Choco Up Age 10+ 1800g Bundle of 6

There are also other bundles available in the Official Abbott Shopee Store. So make sure to add them to your cart this early and check out on May 31!

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