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What a happy long weekend we had with the family. Finally, our long awaited camping day happened and the kids were uber happy especially this little boy! We were extra cautious early in this pandemic  for the sake of the kids so we did not plan outings or any other trips with them. We wanted them to get the vaccine first. Now that the older kids got their shots, we only needed to worry about Cale. Well actually, we're not so worried at all because we know his immunity is also boosted by BONAKID PRE-SCHOOL® 3+.

This is Cale's favorite spot at Chandava Lake Resort.

BONAKID PRE-SCHOOL® 3+ contains Nucleoshield that has 5 major nucleotides specially formulated to help boost the immunity of children age 3 and up. Aside from these, it has other nutrients needed for the growth and development of bones and teeth, and carbohydrates and whey protein for energy and absorption of nutrients.


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