How To Protect Your House During Renovation

Renovating your home can be a fun experience, but boy, does it have some downsides. While renovating is an increasingly popular option for homeowners in favor of selling up and moving on completely, it takes up space, time and energy while it is happening. Your renovation will yield great results, but the process can be very tough. Home renovations involve dust, chemical smells, noise disturbance, allowing strangers in the house and a generally upside-down atmosphere compared to the usual peaceful ambience of most homes. While this is just par for the course for any renovation, you can take steps towards protecting your home while the renovation is happening. If you are not careful, the rest of your home could end up potentially being damaged by the renovation as it is happening.

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So how can you protect your house during a renovation? Here are three key ways to make sure you get it done right.

1. Use a storage facility for your valuable belongings

If you are having major renovations done, it will affect the whole house - even if only a part of the house is being worked on. If you have precious items such as valuable heirlooms passed down from past generations, you do not want to put them in harm’s way. Even the most professional and experienced construction workers can accidentally damage things with heavy equipment. So for these items you simply can’t put in danger, there are affordable storage units which can safely house them while renovations are happening.

This means that once renovations are over, you can bring these items back into your new-old home and find a place for them - never having to worry about them being damaged during the process!

2. Use Dust Coverings

One inevitable fallout of renovation work is dust. Lots of it. Dust will occur from drilling and moving of large items, and will settle over everything. Dust can be a total nightmare, but there isn’t much you can do about its existence - apart from, of course, protecting your house before it decides to settle.

Dust coverings, or dust barriers, are plastic pieces of sheeting which zip around furniture and help to protect it from the clouds of dust which will settle in your home. Once the renovations are over and the place is cleaned up, you can unzip the dust covers to a perfectly preserved couch, table, or whatever else you need to protect. Perfect!

3. Cover the Floors

One common mistake homeowners make is forgetting to protect their floors. No matter if you have carpeted floors, hardwood or laminate, large equipment, dust and debris can easily scratch, stain and generally scuff and damage the floor in your home. It is essential to protect your floor using plastic sheeting while the renovations are underway. Even this isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing, you will be thankful after the renovation is over that you protected your flooring.

Overall, protecting your home during a renovation isn’t too great a task, as long as planning and common sense are applied!

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