Home Maintenance Hacks

We all want our homes to look good and be in an excellent state of repair, but home maintenance isn’t exactly fun. Luckily, there are some very simple hacks that can make it at least more bearable...

Invest in a robot vacuum cleaner

Hate vacuuming, but love clean floors and carpets? It’s simple - invest in a robovac and you will never have to worry about doing your own vacuuming again, just program it and it will make it’s way around your home sucking up dust, dirt, and debris as it goes, Pretty neat, huh.

Have the gutters vacuumed

While we’re on the subject of vacuum cleaners, having a professional company like PorterVac come in and vacuum your gutters and roofing area a coup0le of times a year is a great way to minimize the amount of work you need to do up them. Professional vacuuming is long-lasting and very thorough, so you really don’t have to do much more than the occasional sweep, if that, at all.

Replace your lawn with astroturf

Artificial grass, often known as astroturf is ideal for those of you who hate mowing the lawn, but love the way it looks when it’s freshly shorn. Artificial grass will always look great, no matter how little time you spend on it, and because it isn’t y’know actual grass, a quick wash once in a while is all you need do to keep it in good shape.

Vegetable peelers make great screwdrivers

It’s always the case that you can never find the tool you need when you need it the most. If that tool happens to be a Phillips-head screwdriver, you may not have to worry though because your average vegetable peeler makes an excellent substitute for removing those screws. Just insert and turn counterclockwise.

Unwarp your floors with an iron

Warping is a real problem for wooden and laminate floors, but it does have a pretty simple solution in the form of a standard clothing iron. Simply cover the affected area with aluminum foil before gentle pressing with a hot iron. After a short time, you should be able to gently lift up the affected area, remove the old glue, which will now be warm, and add a new layer. place the flooring back down and leave a heavy object on top until the flooring beds in again.

Use ice cubes on carpet dents

If your home’s carpet is full fo unsightly dents, perhaps because you’ve moved a piece of furniture to a new location, fear not and head to the fridge, You see, all you have to do to get rid of those carpet depressions is place an ice cube in the center and leave it to melt. As it does so, it will plump up the carpet until it’s almost as good as new gain. Then, all that remains is to lightly soak up any excess moisture with a sponge.

Unclog your shower with vinegar

If you’re sick and tired of your showerhead slowing to a trickle because it’s just so prone to getting clogged up with who knows what, do I have the hack for you: Simply secure a ziplock 50 percent full with white vinegar, to the showerhead, and leave it overnight. When you remove it in the morning, you should find that your shower stream is much improved as the vinegar has had ample time to do its work.

Unlock your door with graphite

Is your door lock prone to jamming? Before you call in a locksmith, try filling the keyway with a decent amount of graphite (which you can find in pencils). This should get the lubricated lock working again so that when you put your key in, it will open effortlessly as it once did before.

Zip ties will deal with your drain clogs

Plumbers are expensive, as are a lot of the tools you can buy to unclog your drains yourself, which is why you’re sure to love this hack, Got a basic clogged drain on your hands? Fix together a bunch of zip ties and use pliers or a wire cutter to cut small sticky-out barbs into them. Then, feed them down the drain and watch in wonder as they get rid of the clog and make your sink or bath useable once again.

Duct tape solves everything

Huge in your tent? Crack in your vacuum cleaner hose rendering it useless? Rip in your cushion causing you concern? Duct tape is your best friend, period.

Home maintenance just got a whole lot easier!

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