Signs Your Home Needs Roof Restoration

The roof of your home serves many purposes. It gives protection to you and your things inside the home, it shelters you from the weather, and it can tie together the outside aesthetic of your home. Any damage to this important part of your home could be detrimental. Unless you are freakishly tall enough to reach the top of your roof, it could be difficult to tell when your roof needs a repair until it is too late. Here are some warning signs that may let you know it is time for a roof restoration.

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Buckling Shingles or Ties

You may see a wave-like distortion running vertically up the roof slope due to the wrinkling of the roofing underlayment or movement of the wood deck. If you see this, you may need a replacement. They are typically caused by high humidity, moisture trapped in the roofing system, lack of proper ventilation or roof sheathing not spaced out enough. Buckled shingles are weak, and are defenseless against the wind, rain, and ice.

Granule Loss and Bare Patches

Granules are embedded in the asphalt of your roof. They help protect your roof from harsh weather conditions, safeguard the roofing tiles against the sun’s UV rays, and enables water to slide off quickly. Granule loss is a part of the natural aging process of your roof as the bonds wear away and vanish over time. Granules usually come loose from normal weathering and can be carried away by runoff. Granule loss and bare patches are an important thing to fix because it can cause water damage, compromise the structural integrity of your roof, and it creates unattractive areas.

Damaged Flashings

Roof flashing is typically made of metals that are corrosion-resistant and are placed at points on a roof that is susceptible to leaks. It guides water away from the leak-prone areas to the gutter or somewhere off the roof. They are arranged around valleys, rakes, eaves, skylights, stacks, or chimneys. Over time they may separate, dry out, or lift off the roof. If this happens, it is best to fix it as soon as possible. Once they are loose, and if the bottom flashing starts to move, a hole will develop, causing a leak.

Broken or Missing Tiles

A broken or missing tile can cause a gaggle of problems. Gaps in the roof let the rain and wind inside, putting your roof at risk of water damage and rot. Your roof could also be susceptible to mold as wet walls, insulation, and carpets are the best places for mold to grow. Another problem caused by broken or missing tiles is rodents. A gap in your roof is an opening for things like rodents and insects to get in your house. Broken tiles are unattractive and can cause your house to depreciate in value. If you can see a broken or missing tile in your roof, it is best to have a roof specialist to assess the problem area as soon as possible.

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