5 Ways to Keep Things Cleaner at Home

There are two things that make keeping a house clean at all times possible: diligence and clarity. Diligence applies to your behavior in terms of consistency, while clarity allows you to know what to clean and how to clean. The former is necessary in order to maintain your cleanliness. Homes tend to get dirty in way less time than is required to clean them, which makes it important for you to frequently run chores. The latter helps you avoid feeling overwhelmed not knowing where and how to start cleaning. With these 5 easy tips to clean your home, you’ll never feel confused or intimidated by your dirty house again.

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Disinfect Your Clothing

What you wear is part of your living environment and should also be cleaned thoroughly. Disinfecting laundry is an important part of house cleaning. Sanitizing your daily wear ensures the cleaning ingredients penetrate the fibers of your dress deeply and root out any bacteria and germs present. However, this doesn’t come without causing your fabric to fade or become worn out. Companies like nanoCare have come out with solutions that you can benefit from. They support manufacturers with chemical coatings that resist bacterial penetration, stains, and other damages to the surface of products like clothing, leather, and other textiles. NanoCare has undergone Life Cycle Assessment of their selected products to demonstrate their transparency in terms of its impacts on health and ecosystems. NanoCare’s high-performance coatings are available for various types of entities and purposes.

Sort the Excess Paper

Mail, newspapers, and magazines take up a lot of space and usually serve no purpose once they have been read. They accumulate quickly in nearly every corner of the house. With so much paper clutter, it is necessary you devise ways to declutter. Go paperless with your bills and bank statements, cancel unnecessary magazine subscriptions and utilize newspapers for cleaning windows and glass surfaces instead of buying cleaning tools. Use a paper shredder if you have to remove mail with sensitive information. Once you minimize the accumulation of paper at home, you’ll be able to focus on other cleaning tasks better.

Keep the Sink Clear

Sinks tend to host more bacteria and fungi than other areas of the home. This is due to their tendency to stay moist, which is a perfect environment for bacteria to flourish. Sinks are the most utilized appliances of the house; you defrost meat in there, clean dishes, wash hands and other items. All in all, your sink literally becomes a cesspool if not cleaned routinely and properly.
In order to avoid this, you should avoid letting dirty dishes sit in there for long. Try to rinse dishes immediately after use. Don’t dump food particles in the sink, use the garbage bin for that. Organic matter increases the risk for germs significantly. The more you avoid exposing your sink to it, the less easy it would be for bacteria and fungi to take roots. After washing dishes, give your sink a good scrub. Make cleaning the sink part of washing dishes. Use antimicrobial detergent and apply a mesh lid over the drain. This makes sure no bacteria infestation occurs in areas where you can’t reach easily.

Organize Shoes By the Front Door

In many cultures, keeping the shoes off inside the house is a display of etiquette. But such a practice actually serves useful purposes. Primarily, it keeps the dirt and germs outside of the house. Shoes are covered in viruses, parasites, and germs as indicated by a study published by the University of Arizona. It was also indicated that the average shoe sole containing 421,000 bacteria content transfers 90% of it onto the clean floor of your home. The abrasive soles of shoes also tend to cause damages like scratches over time. Plus, shoes piling up inside the house leaves a very untidy impression. By keeping shoes stationed outside, you can limit the use of carpet and floor cleaners and make it easier to maintain the cleanliness of your floors.

Make Your Bed

Keeping your bed nice and tidy accounts for 90% of cleanliness when it comes to the illusion of a happy and tidy home. A messy bed would automatically cast the impression that the whole house is poorly kept. One of the useful ways to easily make your bed is to cut down on the layers of bedding you use. Keep it as simple as possible by using just a duvet and a basic cover. When you have fewer sheets and covers to spread out and tuck in, you find this task less overwhelming to do daily or multiple times a day. Ultimately, a clean and organized home helps sustain a positive environment.

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