5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Easier to Clean

There is a long list of things that we’d all rather be doing than cleaning the house, but if you don’t want to live in a dirty, bacteria ridden home that is going to make you and your family ill, you’re going to have to do it. Sometimes, it feels like you spend your whole weekend cleaning the house, especially if you’ve got a family to pick up after. But there are some simple ways to cut your cleaning time in half. It all comes down to the design and layout of the house and if you don’t factor cleaning into your home design, you’re just making things harder for yourself. These are some of the easiest ways to design an easy clean home.

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Downsize Your Home

This is a fairly drastic solution but if you’re already considering moving house soon, you should think about downsizing your home. A lot of people are doing it these days because it’s cheaper to buy a smaller house, you’ll save a lot of money on your energy bills and it’s easier to keep everything clean and tidy. Often, people overestimate the amount of space that they really need and end up with a house that’s way bigger than it needs to be, which means lots more cleaning to do. When you’re looking at properties, have a look around some smaller houses or even a large flat or condominium. You’d be surprised how much you can downsize and still live a comfortable life, as long as you make good use of the space that you have and design the home for efficiency.

If you’re not moving house, you need to find other ways to cut your cleaning time in half, so just make these basic changes.

Choose The Right Materials

When you’re first starting to design your home, picking the basic materials that you’re going to use is the first step. You’ve got to pick carefully here because there are a lot of different home decor materials out there and some of them are a lot harder to clean than others. For example, if you pick a fabric sofa, that’s going to be prone to staining if things get spilt on it which is a big problem if you’ve got young kids in the house. But if you go for a leather one instead, it only takes a second to give it a quick wipe. Carpets are similarly dangerous so you might be best putting wooden laminate down in a lot of the rooms. In the rooms where you are using carpets, you can use carpet tiles instead. That way, if you do get a big stain on one of them, you can just swap it out rather than paying for an expensive carpet cleaner or replacing the entire thing.

Kitchen worktops can be a bit of a pain as well if you pick the wrong materials. There are some beautiful granite worktops that you can get but they’re difficult to clean because if you use the wrong cleaning materials, you can damage them quite a bit. Wooden ones aren’t great either because they’re easily dented and scratched and those scratches will soak up a lot of bacteria. Stainless steel or glass are both easy to clean and fairly inexpensive.

Pick The Right Paint

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If the walls are dirty, it can be a struggle to clean because if you’re too vigorous and you use strong cleaning chemicals you’ll strip the paint off the wall. There are a couple of ways around this. First off, you should be careful with the color choice because if you go for whites or creams, every tiny speck of dirt is going to show up. It’s easier to stay on top of the cleaning if you go for darker shades. However, dark colors don’t work in smaller rooms so you need to find another way around it. You can get some great wipe clean paints that you can clean easily without worrying about damaging the paint. It’s a little more expensive but it’s worth it because the paint will last longer and cleaning it is a breeze.

Put Furniture On Wheels

This is a bit of an odd idea but it’ll save you so much time. Most people spend so much time vacuuming the house because they’ve got to move everything out of the way to clean underneath and behind it. You can get around that problem easily if you put the furniture on wheels. You can look for sofas and armchairs that are already on wheels and you can also buy casters that go on the bottom of the dining table. It saves you having to stop and start all of the time to move furniture out of the way.

Think About Storage

Cleaning the house will take a lot longer if you have to go around and put everything away so you need to think carefully about storage in the house. If you’ve got a place for everything and there is easily accessible storage in every room, it’s easy to pick up after yourself as you go and keep things tidy.

If you don’t have that much space in the house for storage, you need to get clever about it. There are some great pieces of furniture with storage built in so you’re not taking up extra floor space with large storage items. If you’re still struggling to find a place to put everything, it might not be a storage issue, you might just have too much junk lying around the house. Have a sort through all of your stuff and see whether there is anything that you don’t need or use anymore. If you can clear out a load of that junk, tidying up and cleaning the house will be a lot quicker.

Cleaning the house is a job that nobody likes to do but there isn’t really a way around it unless you can afford to hire somebody to do it for you. But if you make these simple changes around the home and consider your cleaning time when you’re decorating, you can cut it in half and spend that time doing something more fun.

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