Evaluating Your Family's Health Insurance Plan

There's nothing more important than the life and health of a family member. That's why when we started to have enough funds to spare, my husband made it a point to get the three of us life insurance plans.  My husband is also covered by his company's HMO so he only pays extra for mine and my boy's health insurance.

Insurance Plan Addicts

We signed our first life insurance plans in 2013.  After two years, a family friend introduced us to another insurance company and I signed up for a long-term health and mutual fund insurance plan combo. Then just recently, my husband signed another life-accident-mutual fund insurance plan for himself.

You can call us insurance plan addicts. But if there's one thing I learned from other friends and family members, it's that insurance plans can save you from financial troubles should sickness, accidents, and death happen in the future. At least, with our insurance policies, we can sleep with peace of mind that our son would not be left empty-handed should anything happen to me or my husband.

And while we already have our HMO’s courtesy of my husband’s company, I still believe that it’s important to get health insurance plans from YGC for our peace of mind. In case we reach the company’s HMO’s maximum coverage, we have the YGC health insurance as backup.

How To Know If You Got The Best Health Insurance Plan for The Family

Here are a few things that will tell you if you have the best health insurance plan for the family:

  1. Affordable monthly payment 
  2. Coverage is per sickness per year
  3. Wide doctor and hospital network
  4.  Easy to contact for claims or inquiries
  5. Recommended by friends and family members

YGC Corporate Services Inc. Health Protection Plans

YGC Corporate Services Inc., a member company of the Yuchengco Group of Companies, offers various Health Protection Plans such as YGC Family Protect and Malayan Family Protect that caters to the needs of different families. Cash benefits are provided for hospital confinement, ICU confinement, and death and disability.

Also included in the company's Health Protection Plans are:

  • Hospital Cash Plan
  • Family Shield
  • Family Protect Plus
  • Card For Life
  • Family Protect Elite
  • Family Protect Max

Here’s Ms. Noemi Seminiano’s Story

The company's Customer Service Team is always helpful and friendly so you can always get in touch with them should you need anything related to your purchased insurance package. Ms. Noemi Seminiano’s story is a testament to that.

Ms. Seminiano’s real-life experience is very relatable since it’s about a subject that most of us tend to ignore or worse, avoid – INSURANCE. Sad truth is, most people tend to get irritated when they are being introduced to a health plan.

Ms. Seminiano’s father availed of a Card for Life Policy from YGC and it helped them tremendously when he had a very serious illness in August last year. The plan covered their hospital expenses. Unfortunately, her father succumbed to the illness and passed away 3 months after. They didn’t know that there was a life insurance benefit tied to her father’s Card for Life Policy until they were able to sourt his belongings.

The Card for Life Policy from YGC actually was made possible by combining two (2) insurance companies under the YGC group: Malayan Insurance and Sunlife Grepa. Therefore, aside from the hospital income benefits that they were already able to claim from Malayan Insurance, they were also entitled to claim from Sunlife Grepa upon her father’s death.

Upon discovering that, Ms. Seminiano and her family notified YCG Customer Service and they immediately assisted her and her mother in filing the claim. Claims submission was done online making it more convenient. Best of all, the claim was approved and they were able to receive a check amounting to P500,000.00. Special mention is given to the very accommodating YGC staff, Ms. Amy, Romy, and Aubrey.

This is how good YGC’s Card for Life Policy is. As a mother, I can only wish that my son wouldn’t also be burdened with financial worries should my husband and I get sick or pass away. He’s our unico hijo, you see. It would really break my heart to see him suffer and not reach his dreams just because we did not invest in our healthcare.

I hope Ms. Seminiano’s story is also an eye-opener for you. If you want more information about YGC Corporate Services Inc.'s Health Protection Plans and other insurance products, you can visit http://www.ygccsi.com/.

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