#LoveYourNerves - Nenoin Study Reveals Effective Treatment for All Symptoms of Neuropathy

As a writer, I am familiar with the feeling of numbness in my hands every now and then. I usually feel it from the wrist, but the numbness and pain can go from all the way up to my shoulders. In the Nenoin Study press conference held last week, I learned that this condition is known as Peripheral Neuropathy. Apparently, this is common for writers like me.

Peripheral Neuropathy is a disorder affecting the nerves making them unable to transmit information to the brain effectively. Symptoms include increased/decreased sensitivity to vibration, hot or cold, numbness, muscle weakness, tingling, and even burning pain. Peripheral Neuropathy is often overlooked and misinterpreted which is very unfortunate. It is important to have it detected and treated early.

It was an afternoon full of learnings from me. For one, I learned about the important role of B-complex vitamins for nerve health. Before this, I only knew that diabetics have to take it regularly to help keep their nerves healthy and working efficiently. Neuropathy is often treated only as a symptom of other illnesses so it is not treated directly.   You can listen to Dr. Rizaldy Pinzon's full presentation in the video above.

The results of the Nenoin Study helped me realize that it is better to take neurotropic B vitamins such as Neurobion to help keep the nerves healthy or to help treat and regenerate nerves suffering from neuropathy. Dr. Pinzon mentioned that Neurobion Tablet can be taken by patients who are starting to have symptoms of neuropathy. Meanwhile, Neurobion Forte Tablet is administered to patients already suffering from advanced cases of neuropathy.

As Neurobion's hashtag says, love your nerves! Overlooking the importance of nerve health will not only cause physical pain and discomfort but also inconvenience in terms of performing even the simplest day-to-day tasks. Do not pass the chance to have your nerves checked as much as possible. And most importantly, if you think you have symptoms of neuropathy, insist to your doctor to have your nerves checked and treated early on.

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