3 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Kids Camping This Summer

Many families decide to go camping because they are on a limited budget and simply don’t have the funds to stay at a fine hotel or spend several days at an adventure park. However, even if you had the money to do all the things other families do on summer vacation, is that what’s best for your children? Why not spend a few days at theme parks but reserve a week for camping?

why kids should go camping

Don’t bring the family RV because that would be cheating! That’s glamping, not camping! Check out family size tents on myfamilytent.com to find one that suits your family’s size and then grab a bit of gear and head off for the time of your lives. If you want to know why you should take your kids camping this summer, here are 3 reasons why it is so important for you and your kids.

1. Quality Time Together without All the Gadgets

One of the main problems we have as a culture filled with gadgets and gizmos is that we can be in the same room together for hours on end and never utter a word in all that time. Do you know what your kids are thinking? Do you know which subjects and teachers they like in school or what they’d really like to do when they grow up? Do you know their favorite color or who their current best friend just happens to be? If you are like 75 to 90 percent of parents today, the answer would be a regretful, “No.”

When you go tent camping, either leave the mobile gadgets at home or reduce their usage to a minimum. Keep them locked away until late at night so that they can message their friends, upload photos or even research some of what they are seeing and learning. Remember, if you wanted to glamp, you’d have brought the camper, so limit mobile devices for a true camping experience.

2. A Hands-on Learning Experience

Something else which seems to have gone terribly wrong in contemporary living is that our kids just don’t have any survival skills. Can you remember the last time your community had a widespread blackout and your kids weren’t able to watch television or recharge their mobile phones? What would happen if the nation were suddenly hit by some kind of EMP? You do know that there are enemy nations that have threatened just that!

No, this isn’t a pep talk on prepping or some deranged conspiracy theory. However, when we are so dependent on technology it can mean the difference between life and death at some point in our future. You can use this time to teach your children survival skills should they ever be needed. What if your kids were on a hiking trip and suddenly stranded in the wild? Would they know how to light a fire or find food for sustenance if the need arose?

3. A True Look at Nature from an Ecological Perspective

Finally, your kids learn about nature in science classes from early primary grades but if you live in a city, they probably never experienced the sounds of nature up close. Most kids grow up to the sounds of automobiles, sirens and boomboxes but have they ever heard an owl, a mourning dove or crickets on a midsummer’s night?

This summer, spend at least part of your vacation camping. It’s a time you’ll always remember as being together, maybe for the first time ever, in a setting where you actually get to know one another. Keep the gadgets to a minimum, but by all means, bring the digital cameras along. These are the Kodak moments you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives.

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