Types of Pinoy Dads and Why We Love Them

Father's Day is always a perfect time to give tribute to the different dads in our lives. We have our biological dads, spiritual dads, uncles, brothers,  and  cousins, and even single moms, to honor on this special day. They are all superheroes in their own rights and have touched our lives in one way or another.

This Father's Day, let me list down 4 types of Pinoy dads and why they are so loveable. I'm sure that this list would also remind you of the different dads in your life.

The Strict Ama

He is the dad that kids don't want to mess with. His reminders are never to be forgotten; his rules, never to be broken. And whether he punishes with a pamalo or a month's worth of grounding, naughtiness will not get you anywhere. He is terrifyng, indeed! Still, we love him. The discipline that he instills in his children are valuable and will last generations. And kids, let me assure you that you will get to understand him by the time you become parents, too.

The Best Bud Daddy

He is the total opposite of The Strict Tatay. We love him because he's a dad and a best friend rolled into one. He is sweet and malambing. He teaches invaluable life lessons by bonding with his kids.  It's clear that he is the Dream Dad everyone loves. Still, he can be too lenient and understanding to a fault. Kids, please don't be good and don't abuse your Best Bud Daddy's kindness.

The Absentee Papa

The Absentee Papa is the dad that kids seldom get to see. Whether he and their mother are separated, or he has to work overseas, one thing is for sure... his love for his children is as huge as the dad who is always present with his kids. We love him because it's already a big sacrifice to love your kids from a distance. Whatever the circumstance may be, a father will always be a father.

The House Husband Tatay

While mom is working, he makes sure that the kids are fed, the meals are cooked, and the house is kept clean. I've seen my own father as a house husband most of my growing years and I admit that I became quite ashamed of it. Looking back, I realized that I had a lot to thank him for. My father was the one who taught me to cook, to wash the clothes, and even to sew. He taught me a lot of palengke tips that I still use up to now. He may not be able to give us material things, but his presence at home made up for it.

Is your dad one of the Pinoy dads I listed here? Whatever type of dad he might be, I hope you can remember him this Sunday by treating him to lunch, some special barber shop treatment, or a gift like one of those from Gifts Less Ordinary. Most of all, make every day like Father's Day by making him always feel special.

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