5 Easy and Enjoyable Ways To Avoid Weight Gain

Christmas has always been a special thing: A time to make memories, gather friends and family with the most awaited holiday spread in every party. Since it’s a season to shine and to be dazzling, Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute Medical Director Claudine Roura shares these doable dieting tips without abstaining or skipping your round of favorite festive food.

1.     Consider a Wellness Party.

From the intensely exciting Zumba to heart pumping body jam, why not make this merry season of Christmas a time to be really happy and healthy? If you happen to be the host, consider a wellness party with guilt-free menu to takes center stage in your party! This activity not only fires up the happy hormone endorphin with the added benefit of burning 380-400 calories in an hour, it will also leave your guests to be more excited with your prepared multicourse meal. Just make sure to be consistent with your theme and opt for a spread that’s tasty but with only guilt-free ingredients to boot.

2.     Refresh and Hydrate

Go easy on your cocktails and champagne but remember to sip in indulgence a fresh glass of water. “Don’t be confused between hunger and thirst, make sure to drink minimum of 8 glasses to avoid unnecessary food cravings, advises Dr. Claudine. “Since water is the basic foundation for the body to efficiently and effectively burn calories, you don’t have to wait for yourself to feel thirsty before downing yourself with water as it’s already a sure sign of dehydration.” But if you don’t want to miss the fizz and save tons of calories at the same time, there’s always a sparkling water as a satisfying alternative.

3.     “Binge Fest” is Never a Good Idea. 

“Save yourself from low blood sugar and high cortisol levels, which means you’ll crave for sugary and caloric food,” warns Dr. Claudine. So a word to wise: Don’t fast in the hours leading up to the party and go all out uncontrollably. Instead, fuel and fill yourself with fruits, salad, raw veggies, and nuts few hours before the feast.

4.     Choose Wisely.

Whether it’s a buffet or a sit down affair, always take time to scan the menu and pick only the items that are considered a winner in your repertoire of favorites: flavorful, filling, and festive. Easy on sweets, fatty, and oily food and start off with greens and clear soup. Since this is a season to splurge, pick the types you don’t usually eat at home such as steak, lobster, or lechon.

5.     Strengthen your willpower with Contours’ Acutrim

Dr. Claudine also sheds light on the reason behind creeping scale readings: “Overeating is multifactorial, meaning there are a number of reasons we can pinpoint for someone’s uncontrollable eating habit.  From poor choice of food, hormones, lack of quality sleep, to stress eating, we know it could lead to unwanted pounds”. However, you would be glad to know that there’s a painless, safe, and effective way to control unnecessary food cravings and when overeating overtakes you: Acutrim. Tapping on the ear’s appetite centers of the brain through microcurrent stimulator, this drugless and non-needle acupuncture is a powerful yet healthy weight loss alternative that suppresses the appetite, increase body metabolism, and boost weight loss. For only P7, 000 with 4 weekly sessions, this treatment is a totally relaxed way to condition the brain to exercise restraint on food. Since the effect of the last treatment usually extends for another 4 to 6 weeks, don’t be surprised if you have already developed a new habit of eating less while feeling satiated in small amounts. Yes, it’s a behavioral modification to eating that ensures long term weight loss maintenance without short changing yourself!

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