Get your eyes on fleek at SM Beauty

Make your eyes talk with SM Beauty’s Get your Eyes on Fleek, which brings together some of the most exciting eyebrow grooming and eye makeup finds and trends.

After all, they say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Your eyebrows are frames for your eyes, and their shape can make your eyes appear to be certain shapes as well. Pluck, thread, or wax your eyebrows to give them shape. Be careful, though, not to over pluck your brows.

Eyeliner illuminates your eyes. Black is so . . . basic, and sometimes basic is a good thing, but are an infinite amount of pretty looks you can create with eyeliner. Eye shadows add mystique and allure to your look.

You can also transform your lashes with the magic of mascara. Create drama, volume, and curl, with a wave of the mascara wand that paints your lashes in an extreme finish like no other.

Get your Eyes on Fleek with these trends to remember from SM Beauty:

  • Bold Shadows - Deep toned eye shadows that create eye-popping statements is something every girl should try. Or go glossy, shimmery, and sculpted for the holidays.
  • Eye-Catching Liners- Take risks and draw outside the lines with sleek, graphic, and kind of retro strokes. Try colored lines with bright colors to make sure you stand out!
  • Sultry Brows- Get your brow game on, so don't forget to define, fill-in and tame!
  • Lush Lashes- Vivid colored lashes that are either curled or dolled to accentuate your eyes make a huge difference!

Visit the SM Beauty Section in all SM Stores for perfect eyebrows and eye makeup essentials.

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