Avida Land Advocates Pinoy Homegrown Products and Local Artistry with Homegrown Life + Style

Avida Land has become the developer of choice among middle-class families and it continues to expand its offerings throughout the Philippines. Even with this success, the company does not forget to support homegrown products and local artistry as it launched Homegrown Life + Style in partnership with social enterprise Rags2Riches, sustainable lifestyle store Echostore, and the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA). Aimed to inspire socially-responsible everyday living, the products of these partners were showcased last October 8 and 9 at the Glorietta Activity Center during the "Homepossible: Homegrown" event.

Filipino culture and skill were perfectly displayed through the multi-purpose furnishings and decor skillfully produced by the artisan women of Rags2Riches.

Meanwhile, lifestyle coffee blends harvested by local farmers were also featured. These artisanal coffees are all made of locally-grown coffee beans sourced from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

A special blend inspired by Avida’s lifestyle offering has been curated by Chit Juan, featuring a balanced mix of sweet and citrusy Arabica and Robusta beans.

This Avida blend, together with other coffee blends such as Barako/Excelsa, Arabica Robusta (from Cavite), Arabica with Kalinga Robusta, Sagada and Benguet blend, Davao Arabica (Bansalan) and Negros Robusta, and a Matutum (Cotabato) Arabica and Sulu Robusta, will be given to Avida’s clients and homeowners as welcome gifts and also serve as corporate giveaways.

“Our coffee blends are purely Filipino in taste and soul. We should be proud of what our own soils can produce and what our own culture can bring. Buying local also enables us to help the livelihood of our Filipino farmers, especially that of the women who represent a good majority of coffee farmers worldwide. We in the organization aim to recognize the efforts of these women who struggle with gender biases from day to day, and empower them to achieving sustainable, respectable, and meaningful lives,” said Pacita “Chit” Juan, founder and owner of ECHOStore Sustainable Lifestyle and President of International Women’s Coffee Alliance - Philippine Chapter.

Another homegrown pride, Rags2Riches’ exclusively designed two pieces of multi-functional home furnishings are made from artisanal weaves and wooden pallets handcrafted by talented artisans. These could be used in various ways to suit one’s needs: as a cushioned seat, a coffee table, and as an enclosed chest to hold items inside or as an open-faced shelf. Its utilitarian design caters to every homeowner’s living space.

“There should be more value given to substance and sustainability in the things we use and buy for our homes. We are grateful to Avida for partnering with us for the second time and helping us spread local Filipino crafts. Through our cause, we are also empowering our local communities by giving them a means of livelihood and income,” said Matt Pardinas, Sales and Marketing Manager of Rags2Riches.

Tess Tatco, Avida Land Marketing Head likewise gave emphasis on the significance of being catalysts for social entrepreneurship. “Avida wants to give social entrepreneurs a bigger platform to inform and educate society, beginning with our own live communities, currently at 64 with 26,857 homeowners, on the positive impact of buying locally and sustainably-made goods. We want to integrate these sustainable products to the daily lives of homeowners, which is our way of helping improve the livelihood of coffee farmers and local weavers.”

“With our partnership with Rags2Riches, we hope to inspire our Avida community with functional and artisanal showcase pieces for their homes. Together with ECHOStore and International Women’s Coffee Alliance, we aim to highlight the rich and diverse coffees we locally produce and have to offer. Seamlessly correlating all these efforts to Avida’s brand offering, we want to show how our Avida developments are geographically expanding, with 77 projects in 29 locations nationwide, in order to cater to families who need a quality home and a nurturing environment,” added Tatco.

Visit www.avidaland.com to learn more about Homegrown Life + Style, Avida HOMEPOSSIBLE: Homegrown, and Avida’s latest projects.

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