All About Eternity Rings

In the past, guys only focused on getting an engagement ring before the wedding and the wedding ring to seal the marriage. But now, more and more guys look for the perfect eternity ring to gift their sweethearts. So what is an eternity ring and how does it differ from the engagement ring and the wedding ring?

Eternity rings are usually given by husbands to their wives to commemorate milestones in their marriage such as their first wedding anniversary or the birth of their first child. The eternity ring was originally designed to have diamonds set around it, as with infinity. However, as the years went on from the time De Beers first  created it in the 1960, more and more women have become more comfortable with the half set eternity rings to avoid having the diamonds in between their fingers.Like engagement rings and wedding bands, eternity rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand. It's usually the third ring worn on that finger.

Eternity rings can be made of gold, palladium, or platinum. It also costs more because of the quantity of diamonds set on it. Also, eternity rings are more meticulously made and require expert skill in jewelry making. And while diamonds are usually set on eternity rings, other gemstones can also be used especially to mark milestone anniversaries such as ruby for a 40th wedding anniversary.

Can husbands wear eternity rings, too? If you ask me, I'd love to have one made for my husband if given the resources to do so because why shouldn't he? In fact, David Beckham was once seen wearing an eternity ring! Isn't that sweet?

It has also become a trend among couples to exchange eternity rings instead of the traditional wedding bands during their weddings. And because these rings usually cost more, it's the  perfect heirloom to pass on to your children and grandchildren. This being said I can say that eternity rings are worth every penny and that it won't be bad to have one done if you can afford it. I  hope my husband reads this, haha!

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