The Rise of Online Education

Which career is best for me?I am a product of online education. When Rap turned four and started going to the big school, I enrolled myself in UP Open University as Ihave already   written in the past. When I was still in college, I was already aware of that my Alma Mater, the University of the Philippines, was offering distance education but was not really fully aware of what it was and how it went. That was in the late 90s and the Internet was not yet existent in every household in the Philippines. Thankfully, at the time I needed to reinvent myself, dial-up Internet became available and I was able to experience what online education is.

This infographic illustrates the rise of online education in society.  With online education, learning can now be done anywhere and anyone who is interested can have access to education. Online education is personalized, can be done through multiple format options, and can be accessed anytime.

I remember when I was still enrolled in my online graduate course, I would log in to our learning portal which was essentially our online classroom. There, I was able to read notes and assignments from my professors. I was also able to interact with my classmates and teachers which was very much alike to internet forums nowadays. Of course, I also had my modules with me which were the university issued workbooks for distance learners like us. I had classmates who were way older or younger than me which made discussions really exciting! I had classmates from different provinces in the country and also from across the globe, Filipino teachers abroad who chose to continue their graduate studies online. It was really such a worthwhile experience that I'm glad I was able to do in my lifetime.

With the education I gained online, I was able to shift from being a stay-at-home mom to a preschool teacher. I was also able to apply what I learned in helping my son study at home. You know, I was even able to use my training in instructional and assessment material development in the worksheets that I'm sharing in this blog. I also gained the trust of parents who hire me to tutor their kids.

If you're also thinking of enrolling in an online course, don't hesitate to do so. I'm sure it will be such an exciting and rewarding new chapter in your life just like how it was with mine.

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