5 Signs Your Loved One Has An Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction occurs when an individual is physically or mental addicted to alcohol andcontinues to consume it despite physical illness and strained relationships. Physical signs ofalcohol addiction are recognised by delayed reflexes; slurred or incoherent speech; stomachpains, vomiting, or nausea; loss of consciousness; poor balance; or redness in the face.Intervention is required when the individual refuses to seek help despite the many health risksassociated with alcoholism. Click here have devised five signs your loved one has an alcohol addiction.

Refuses To Seek Medical Treatment

A clear warning sign that your loved one has an alcohol addiction is when they refuse to seek medical treatment due to problems caused by alcohol. Many will ascertain the problems have nothing to do with alcohol, or will deny the problems altogether.

Family Relationships Begin To Suffer

Relationships are the first things to suffer when loved ones develop an alcohol addiction. Many alcoholics discard their family life and only think about when they will have their next drink. If you feel your loved one is choosing alcohol over spending time with their family or partner then it is probably time to intervene and assist them in receiving treatment at a rehabilitation center.

Struggles With School Or Work

If your loved one begins to struggle with school or take regular days off work, they may need help with their alcohol abuse. Even though high-functioning alcoholics are quite common, it is usual for alcoholic students to fall behind with their studies or employees to fall behind on their deadlines. Many teenage alcoholics find themselves expelled from school and unable to continue their studies, and more often than not employees are fired from their jobs and rendered unable to pay for their alcohol addiction. If this is the case, your love one needs rehabilitation immediately.

Developing Psychological Problems

A lot of people suffering from psychological or psychiatric disorders tend to use alcohol as a method of self medication, and many people develop these problems over a course of time due to heavy drinking. Unfortunately, alcohol doesn’t solve problems, and only worsens difficult situations. People who develop psychiatric problems usually tend to drink alone, and do not consult others about their problems. If your loved one is using alcohol to self medicate, then they need rehabilitation immediately.

Begins To Exhibit Withdrawal Symptoms

An easy way to determine whether your loved one has an alcohol addiction is when they begin to exhibit withdrawal signs. If you notice they cannot stop drinking for any length of time, or that they become sick in between drinks or when they haven’t had a drink for a small period of time, then it is highly likely they have an alcohol addiction.

If you feel your loved one is exhibiting signs of alcohol addiction, either physically ormentally, and feel their continued use of alcohol is making their lifestyle become more andmore dysfunctional, then it is probably time to intervene.

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