Three Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Spring is here and you want your garden to be in top shape. The flowers are blooming and the trees have been pruned, but how do you maintain a healthy lawn? A significant addition to your garden, it’s important to keep your lawn fresh and healthy. The more you take notice of your timing and techniques, the less effort it will take. Here are three tips to help it thrive this spring.

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First of all, it’s important to use a sharp blade when mowing your lawn. A blunt blade will tear rather cut, and cause the lawn to turn an unhealthy yellow. In the cooler months, cut your lawn about an inch and a half. This will allow the dead grass to fall away, and the roots will receive more sunlight. In warmer weather, raise the blade to cut at least two inches of grass. Then, towards the end of the year, lower it about half an inch. By paying attention to how and when you mow your lawn, you are catering to its needs at certain times of the year. You are also minimizing the amount of effort you need to take to keep your lawn healthy and thriving.


Rather than sprinkling your lawn with water every day, it is more beneficial to water it properly only once or twice a week. A light splash of water won’t do much for the grass. It will only encourage shallow root growth and the need for more frequent watering. However, if you water your lawn more thoroughly, you allow it become healthier, and tap into subsurface water supplies. As a general rule, grass requires at least one to two inches of water per week. If you give your grass this amount of water in one or two goes, it is much more beneficial than to sprinkle it with water every day.


Lawn needs air as well as water. Aerating can be done in spring, but the best time to do it is during the autumn. By removing plugs of soil, you allow the roots to breathe. This improves air to soil interaction, and allows both fertilizers and water to penetrate deep into the roots of the grass. This is much more beneficial than having it lying on the surface. Aerating also relieves the soil of its density, and gives the roots more space to grow. To do this, you can find a gas powered aerator at most hardwares or rental facilities. Technique and timing are critical when it comes to maintaining a healthy lawn. Be sure to pay attention to the best times for mowing, watering and aerating. Follow these steps, and do your own research too. The circumstances may vary depending on the climate your lawn is accustomed to. For more information about keeping your lawn fit and healthy, visit .


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