Keeping your refrigerator healthy

A refrigerator is essential in most kitchens. In fact, it may be the most important kitchen appliance in American homes. Unfortunately, homeowners often overlook its maintenance. Many are unaware of the simple ways to keep a refrigerator healthy and running its best.

Refrigerator maintenance begins with the filters. These small, inexpensive items have huge benefits. Their primary purpose is to remove dangerous contaminants and foul odors from refrigerators and freezers. To ensure a healthy appliance, homeowners should monitor three filters: water filters, air filters and deodorizers.

Refrigerator water and ice filtration systems provide a clean and healthy water source for the home. They are designed to remove the fluoride, chlorine, lead, mercury and other contaminants in well water and municipal water supplies. Most water filters last for six months, but some require replacement after three months.

Some refrigerators have an indicator light that signals when it is time for a filter change. Homeowners can remove and replace most water filters within minutes, according to the manufacturer’s directions. If the refrigerator has an indicator light, the filter button must be reset after a filter change.

Refrigerator air filters ensure a fresh flow of air. They also help to neutralize odors. Like refrigerator water filters, air filters should be replaced every six months or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Fresh-flow air filters are a good way to guard against bacteria and odors. They are certified for use in most major refrigerator brands. Fresh-flow filters keep refrigerated foods fresh for longer periods of time than regular air filters.

The Electrolux website and other online retailers sell Electrolux accessories and parts for this refrigerator brand. Customers can find a wide selection of water and air filters online. Other manufacturers sell their own "original equipment manufacturer" (OEM) parts. Many sites have parts and accessories that are compatible with the major brands.

A deodorizer is the third essential filter for a healthy refrigerator. Many homeowners neglect to consider this type of filter. A refrigerator or freezer deodorizer provides odor protection and other benefits. It is a good addition to regular cleaning and sanitizing to prevent bacteria and keep food fresh and safe.

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