Surviving Ralph's First Quarter Storm

Oh gee, how fast time flies. Ralph is finally done with the First Quarter of his Grade 7 studies in Philippine Science High School. He just had his first-ever "perio" (how the Pisay kids address the periodical exams) in the first week of August and, so far, the results are good. His score in Math, the subject he's worried the most, is alright. In fact, he received 2.25 which is a notch higher than the passing grade.

Yes, Rap had trouble with Math in Pisay. It is in this subject that he experienced his first failing mark in a quiz which explains why he was so anxious of getting a failing grade. Although he was already doing advanced Algebra in his Kumon worksheets, Grade 7 Math in Pisay is still more advanced so he had a few problems adjusting during the first lessons.

As for us parents, we have already gotten used to bringing Rap to the dorm on Sunday and leaving him there for the week. The first week was really hard for me and it left me feeling sad especially when I see the neighbors' kids getting home from school. Now, my husband and I make the most out of the weeknights that our son's with us. We can now watch a movie or have a dinner date in the middle of the week without having to worry about our boy waiting for us at home. We just make sure that either one of us call Rap just so we are updated on his activities.

The First Quarter grades has just been released and Rap's GWA is 1.612. He's somehow disappointed that he didn't make it to the Director's List this quarter which required a grade of 1.5 or higher. I told him that it's ok with us if he didn't as long as he didn't get a failing mark in any subject. In fact, I'm already checking out the Nike shoes at the ZALORA Philippines site because he's so much into shoes now. I might even include a backpack and a shirt for his prize.

The Second Quarter looks more challenging than the first one. Still, I know that my boy is more ready now to face the challenges.

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