Getting Ready for Your New Arrival

Getting everything ready for a new baby is no small task. The job is made even tougher if it is your first baby. You have no idea what to expect and what you might need. Most baby books will give you an idea of what you need to pack in your hospital bag, and safety tips on how to make your home ready for your new arrival, but there is limited information on what you actually need once you get your little bundle home. Retailers are the first to cash in on your inexperience as parents, and you name it, there is a product for it.

Speak to friends and relatives that have already had babies for advice on what is actually necessary. The more recently they have become parents the better, as older family members will likely be unaware of new products that could make your life much easier as you adapt to life with your new addition. There are some great items on the market that combine to do the job of more than one. For example a high chair that converts into a small table and chair for toddlers, or a cot that turns into a small single bed. These items will save you money in the long run as you will not have to replace them after the first year.

There are certain things however that all first time parents must have for their newborn, and these have not changed over the years. There are plenty of basics you can start gathering as soon as you are ready, whether or not you know the gender of your child. First clothes, fabric or disposable nappies, feeding equipment and bedding are all necessities for your baby. When getting the nursery ready, remember to take the weather into account and buy warm clothes for the winter as well as enough layers for them to sleep in. You can get some lovely, and very reasonable baby blankets at ASDA George in different colours and styles to suit boys, girls and surprises.

Basic soft toys and comforters are best for tiny babies, and you will likely receive many of these as gifts once your son or daughter is born. Buying a few of these ready for baby, however, is great fun and will help it all seem a little more real. Don’t spend a fortune - at a few days, weeks or even months old, your infant will not know the difference and it is a waste of money. Surround them with nice textures and bright colours as they learn to experience the world using all their senses and save the expensive toys for when they are older.

Getting ready for baby is a very exciting time for the whole family, but it can seem a little daunting the first time. The key is to ask questions. Find out what others who have done this before would suggest, and speak to the shop assistants who will have the advantage of hundreds of customers’ feedback. There are always lessons to learn along the way. So try not to stress and just enjoy this magical time.



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