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In my past post, I have shared to you how Rap was accepted in the Philippine Science High School. One of our concerns in accepting the scholarship is the distance between our home in Cainta and Diliman, Quezon City. There's only one school service provider for our area and my son still doesn't know how to commute by himself going to Quezon City. Fortunately, we were assured of a slot since we're technically living outside NCR.

Last week, after the Parents' Orientation, Rap was finally assigned a room and we were able to visit it. Before leaving, I took note of the things that we need to bring for him to be comfortable in what would be his home for the whole school year. Since the rent is subsidized by the government, the room is as bare as it is with only the bare essentials. We need to provide our own beddings and even cleaning stuff such as Rap's own broom and dust bin.

His uniforms are already pressed and hanged and his house clothes are now neatly folded in his luggage. I also packed the school supplies he normally uses in making projects such as his coloring pens and pencils, stapler, sticky tape, puncher, and sharpener. Of course, I still want him to continue the study habits I instilled in him since Grade School so his task board (checklist on white board) comes along with him to the dorm. He will also be bringing his crucifix and Bible and I reminded him to pray and read the Bible at least before he goes to sleep.

Aside from these, I also packed a small first aid kit which also includes his vitamins and health supplements. My boy needs to be healthy and strong enough to face the rigorous academic requirement of Pisay. One of the health supplements he will be taking is Circulan. I know that there will be sleepless nights ahead so he needs to have good blood circulation to combat anemia. Circulan is contains four potent herbs that promote proper blood circulation:

  • Hawthorn berries - Helps the heart in pumping blood.
  • Gingko Biloba - Increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart. It also strengthens the blood vessels which my son badly needs because of his bout with Kawasaki Disease in the past.
  • Garlic Oil extract - Helps prevent bad cholesterol build up in the blood.
  • Lemon Balm - Relaxes the smooth muscle of the heart.

Circulan is safe for 12 years old and above, but since Rap's choco drink already has Gingko Biloba and other memory enhancing herbs, he only takes a capsule a day.

I'm kind of sad that I will only get to see my boy every weekend and school breaks. Still, I know that living in the dorm will teach him to be more independent and mature. It's time for him to spread his wings and fly with me just watching from the side lines.

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