Book Giveaway: Bo Sanchez and Dean Pax Lapid's "How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit"

My husband and I were once both traditional when it comes to earning and saving money. Traditional in the sense that we only rely on the usual money making methods such as our monthly paychecks and our various bank accounts. We would always talk about launching a business of our own but haven't got the courage to do just that... yet.

Yes, we're not totally giving up on our dream. We're gonna be rich with our own successful business soon and this book, How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit, will show us how.

Written by Catholic preacher and Light of Jesus Family founder, Bro. Bo Sanchez, and entrepreneurship expert, Dean Pax Lapid, How Turn Your Passion Into Profit  reveals 8 keys to build a truly rich business. If you're already familiar with Bro. Bo, you'll know that he has this millionaires' group known as the Truly Rich Club. What does being "truly rich" mean? You'll find out in this book!

I'm still in the middle of reading this book. Actually, it's the third in our collection as we have already read Bro. Bo's other books, My Maid Invests in the Stock Market and The Turtle Always Wins. Thanks to these books, we gained the knowledge and courage to invest in the stock market through COL Financial as suggested by Bro. Bo. We are excited to earn a lot from our investment and we're also able to encourage other relatives to also invest in the stock market.

Blessed to have a signed copy of @bosanchez 's latest book, "How to Turn Your Passion Into Profit." Also giving away a signed copy to 1 lucky blog reader. Stay tuned! #book #nowreading #bloggiveaway

I am indeed blessed to have an autographed copy of How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit. Special thanks goes to  Sheperd's Voice Publications ( and to my mommy blogger friend, Tina of

Now here's the moment I know all of you are waiting for! Get the chance to win your very own autographed copy of How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit by following the steps in the Rafflecopter widget below. One (1) lucky reader will win this giveaway which will run from the time of this posting until midnight of May 10, 2013. The name of the winner will be declared here and at The 24-Hour Mommy Facebook page on May 13, 2013. This giveaway is open only to readers based in the Philippines.

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  1. Full name: Maria Doreen Tordecillas
    Email address:
    URLs of your FB post and Tweet

    FB Post:


    Question: "Which publication from do you like the best and why?" Didache, hands down. It's the most affordable publication that allows me to have my own mini-scripture based recollection every day.

  2. full name: Levy Martinez
    email address:
    I already have the Simplify and Live the Good Life, How to Conquer your Goliaths, My Maid Invests in the Stock Market, You Can Make Your Life Beautiful and I love them all. Now I want to have Bro. Bo's new book How to do the Impossible :)

  3. Full Name: Katrina Villareal

    Email Address: Username:

    Other than the book that's currently up for grabs, my favorite would have to be How to Prosper. I'm 30 and a solo parent to a 5-year-old son with special needs, so financial security is definitely part of my top priorities. By learning how to have a healthy financial life, I can impart the same lessons to my son as he grows older and at the same time focus on other important aspects of parenting and not constantly worry about money.

  4. maria Cyril kae Valencia

    "Which publication from do you like the best and why?"

    Simplify and have the good life. Living life simply will bring me peace of mind and contenment which I've been looking for in my life.

  5. full name : Carol Enriquez
    email address :

    "Which publication from do you like the best and why?"

    Ans. The Turtle Always Win, for my need for financial advises this will truly help me motivate to save money.

  6. I love Bo. My friend told me his saving tips, it works for me. =)

  7. Allan Reyes


    The Turtle Always Win because it is very informative.

  8. full name : Michelle Lalic
    email address :

    I've already read about "how to find your one true love"
    This amazing book will save you from choosing the wrong guy and making tragic relationship mistakes. It’ll rescue you from years and years of misery.

  9. I want to win this, but we're in a hurry to leave home right now for our morning flight to Davao. I'll join when we get back! Promise!

  10. Full Name: Karlo Largoza

    My favorite book was "how to prosper" because it redirected my focus on my core values before my external prosper plans. Its nurturing the inside before the outside.

  11. Julius Christian S. Santos

    I have 5 books of him already, but what i like the most is the "Take Charge, Give All" book. a champion's manual. sobrang nakakauplift emotionally and spiritually yung book. in fact I used this book as one of the references of my monthly motivational talk sa mga salesman namin na pinangalanan ko na Championship talk. :)

  12. Kimberly Camille Tiu


    I love the How to Turn your Passion into Profit book as it would guide me in how to love and enjoy the things that I do and how to make a living out of it.

  13. Klarisse Jane Hornada

    Klarisse Jane Hornada

    to be honest, i havent read any books written by Bo. . im actually doing this for my mom. She's a big fan of the guy. :)

  14. My mother and I used to read Kerygma where we first head about Bo Sanchez. My mother also has his books. I would like to give this book as a birthday gift to her.


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