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I just arrived home from our yearly Visita Iglesia. This year, it's just my husband and I since Rap didn't want to leave his cousins' side. We also brought our aunt to the airport after lunch so the churches we visited were the ones we passed in Manila, Pasay, and Quezon City.

Although we brought a car to a Visita Iglesia, it was still tiring because we sometimes had to walk a block from our parked car to the church. So the first thing I did tonight before writing this post was to browse for comfy shoe cushions that could have lessened the stress on my poor feet. I found affordable and fashionable ones at Foot Petals.

Before I saw the foot cushions sold at Foot Petals, I thought that foot cushions only come in one boring shape and size. Also, I thought that foot cushions are only worn when wearing sexy stilletos. I found out that Foot Petals sell foot cushions for all kinds of shoes, sneakers even!

Foot Petals promises its customers the ultimate sole-ution to their shoe wearing problems. The site has an assortment of foot cushions that address sliding feet, heel pain, ankle chaff, and sensitive soles. They also have a spot cushions that massage the feet while it is being worn.

For more information about their products, visit

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