Cousins and friends forever

Rap is not an unhappy only child. Part of the reason for this is because he is close to his cousins, particularly with our nieces and nephews from my husband's side of the family. Although my son gets to see his cousins from my side often, Rap is way older than them and he would usually take the role of the responsible kuya who's in-charge of looking after the young ones. Rap is in the same age range as his male cousins and they have lots of interests in common such as guitars and video games.

Rap and his cousins (2nd row, L-R) Olec, LJ, CJ, (frond row, L-R))Gabby, and Megan.

This week, Rap's room is transformed into a clubhouse of sorts for the cousins as they are all here in our home. The families of my sisters-in-law Dulce and Ate Cel, arrived from the UK and Naga City respectively, just in time to celebrate Rap's grade school graduation day with us. The photo above was, in fact, shot right after we had our lunch celebration.

The other night, I listened to them laugh their hearts away. Yes, their loud laughter was heard through the walls of our rooms. And although it was already late at night, I just let them be because I knew that they were enjoying each other's company. I even let them play on the computer and PS3 until the wee hours of the morning because I couldn't dare to be such a kill joy. I don't even care if they're messing up the room or what and just schedule the carpet cleaning next week. Anyway, it would only be until next week that they can be together. Then my boy will back to his lonesome self.

I know that, even when our families live miles apart, these kids will grow up to be not only cousins but forever friends. It makes my heart at peace knowing that my boy will have lots of "brothers and sisters" that he can run to when the time comes that we cannot be around for him anymore.

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