Twist and Shout cover made with Garage Band

Once I wrote about my boy's affection for The Beatles, right? Well, he has taken his love for the music of The Beatles to the next level by singing and recording his own versions of their songs.

One of the covers he recorded is Twist and Shout. (Kindly click the play button to listen. :)) He recorded the song from scratch (meaning, he "played" and combined different instruments) using the Garage Band app on his iPad.

Garage Band is an official Apple app that lets users play Touch and Smart Instruments that sound so much like real musical instruments. It was sold for $4.99 at the Apple Store at the time we bought it. Well, actually, Rap paid me with his own savings to download it for him so that he could make his own music and record and share it ASAP. So far, we're having fun with it.

Rap's voice is so binata already, 'no? I'm still in denial that he's not a baby anymore, boohoo!

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