Calming Fall Décor that Will Sparkle and Soothe

As the days get shorter and the sun sets sooner, you can’t help but wish that you had your hot summer days back. However, even though the days are shorter and you have less time to enjoy the sun at night, you can enjoy the daylight by incorporating it in your home with beautiful elements! If you’re a busy mom that’s trying to keep up with school activities, your kid’s events, and preparing for the fall and winter time, it’s time to make time for a little bit of home revamping with fun décor pieces that glitter and soothe at night time.

Elegant Candles – Candles never grow old due to their classic elegance and their light that shines brightly in any home. Today’s modern candle comes in many different forms, from flameless candles to candles that you can plug in and smell a wonderful aroma that’s developed from a heated light bulb that’s hiding underneath! So enjoy watching candles flicker in your home throughout the evening. These glittery elements will certainly get you in a fall time mood fast.

Water Features - Water Features are a wonderful way to remind yourself of the fun summer days that just took place because they add something calming and relaxing to your interior. It will be truly divine experience listening to the trickling water and also this stylish focal point that will look flawless in your dining room, living room, or wherever you decide to place the chic water features.

Chandeliers – In 2012 chandeliers became a must-have interior accessory of the season for any home owner. As you get closer to 2013 don’t let trends dictate your décor choices in your home. Implement sparkling chandeliers in your bedroom and other interiors and relish in their beauty. Chandeliers are an instant way to make a room stand out in more than one. Plus it’s doubtful that they won’t be trendy in 2013 as well!

Don’t be sad that summer is on its way out! There are many stylish décor pieces that you can add to your interiors which will remind you of the summers to come. At the same time these accept pieces will get you in the mood to enjoy the fall time season and the holidays that come with it!

Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One. She loves glittering and relaxing décor pieces that add the perfect amount of warmth and light during the fall time.



  1. Ahhhh autumn. How I wish we have that here when the wind changes and it becomes cooler. I just don't want to clean the yard though. hehe

  2. We don't have autumn here in the Philippines, but I bet that if it did, it would be my fave season next to summer. :P


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