Helping your child choose a career

My husband and I find it funny that he took the college course that I like and I graduated with the degree that he dreamed of. He wanted to be a lawyer while I wanted a job that has something to do with computers.

While we're doing good in our respective careers, we still hold on to "what ifs" and "could've beens," if you know what I mean. As much as possible we would like Rap to enroll in a college degree of his choice. Then again, we're parents and we want him to have job that's rewarding not only financially, but one that will also utilize his innate talents and skills.

It's never too early to start helping your child choose a career. In fact, we start asking them what they want to be when they grow up even before they start studying, right? Here's what you can do:

  • Know your child's interests. Then, suggest jobs that have something to do with his interests. In doing so, you are able to orient him on the difference of one career to another.
  • Evaluate your son's performance in school. If your child excels in the Arts, let him take up something that's leaning in the Arts. Rap says he wants to be an Architect. He loves to draw and, at the same time, he's good in Math so I think an Architecture course will suit him.
  • Encourage your child to observe people as they do their respective jobs. Bring your child with you when you do your banking errands so he'll see what bankers do. You can also eat in restaurant where the kitchen is visible so he can watch how the chef and his assistants create sumptuous meals.
  • If your budget permits, provide a wide variety of activities for your child. See to it that his activities cover all facets of his personality. Give him a perfect mix of sports, arts, music, and academic activities. Each year, we let choose Rap what he wants to do. There was a time when he's into soccer and taekwondo. He also had a year each for his voice and piano lessons. Now, he's in his second year of Kumon and he also finds himself busy drawing cartoons. He's interested in web design, too.
  • Give them responsibilities especially in the summer. Have them do house chores. For older children, have them apply for a weekend/summer job. You'll get the chance to see what your child prefers to do. He will also be able to discover more about himself and his preferences. At the same time, you're teaching your child the value of hard work.

Your child is a unique individual. Therefore, it might be possible that he won't be what you want him to be. Whatever career your child chooses, support him every step of the way. What is a high paying job if there's no feeling of fulfillment? Don't you want your child to live his dream?

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  1. Great tips! :) I agree to all most especially the first one. Just liked your FB page.

  2. naku, old school parents will still dictate what they want their children to be: earn money for them. tignan mo na lang ang skyrocket enrollment sa nursing at HRM.


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