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Beng-beng chocolate wafer bars

8:55 PM

Kids love chocolate, that is a fact. Our dentist won't like this, but I admit to giving my son chocolates. Even I eat chocolates even though I'm diabetic. Of course, we eat in moderation. Just one bar for dessert.

110523 Beng Thai Hazelnut 1-4

Our recent chocolate discovery is Beng-beng chocolate wafer bars. At just Php 6 per bar, Beng-beng is a bar of wafer, caramel, and rice crispies wrapped in yummy chocolate. Rap loves it because, like me and my husband, he prefers his chocolate bars chunky.

2012-07-04 Bengbeng LR (4)

He snacks on a bar of Beng-beng while doing his homework. It gives him the extra energy boost especially after a long day in school.

2012-07-04 Bengbeng LR (3)

And because it's so affordable, we also get to share Beng-beng chocolate wafer bars with his cousins, Clyde and Tiki!

Obviously, the two loved Kuya Rap's gift!

Beng-beng is manufactured PT Mayora and exclusively distributed by TriDharma Marketing Corporation.

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