Our vacation in Puerto Galera

I'm back from a short vacay in Puerto Galera. We were there with my husband's family as we celebrated my mom-in-law's 60th birthday. It was also a triple celebration of sorts because May is also the birth month of my brother-in-law and of Ralph's. We were all first-timers and, I must say, I have seen better beaches. Since I also have a travel blog, this will just be a quick travelogue of sorts.

To reach Puerto Galera, one will have to ride the ferry boats from Batangas Port. So we rode a Jam Liner bus (Php 175 per passenger plus there's free WiFi, yey!) from Kamuning to Batangas Port. Armed with the bits of tips I got from the Internet, we went straight to Terminal 3 to buy our roundtrip Minolo Shipping Lines tickets. After buying our roundtrip tickets which costed Plhp 500 each, I then proceeded to pay the Environmental Fee (Php 50/adult) and the Terminal Fee (Php 30/passenger). Then we waited for boarding at Gate 2B.

It took around an hour and twenty minutes before we reached Muelle Port. We were supposed to dock at White Beach but the resort texted me that it's better for us to be picked up at Muelle Port.

We stayed at Apartelle de Francesca which is 5 minutes away from the beach. There are actually a lot of hotels by the beach but we opted to stay there because they have a pool. If you're traveling with kids, this is a better option but be prepared to walk to the beach. We got this room at a discounted rate of Php 2,800 for 4 persons.

In the afternoon, we booked ourselves an inland tour which consisted of four stops: the Hanging Bridge, Tamaraw Falls, Mangyan Village, and Mountain Beach Resort.

The Hanging Bridge.  Nothing really much to see and do here, lol!

Swimming with my boys at Tamaraw Falls.

The Iraya Mangyan Community sponsored by Ayala Foundation.

Mountain Beach Resort  which is not on a mountain, hahaha! I don't know why it's called as such.

The following day, we hired a boat (Php 2,500 for the 8 of us plus Php 160 terminal fee)and went beach hopping and snorkeling. We had a great time swimming and taking underwater shots.

Since we were there on a weekend, we were able to watch a beach party at White Beach which was sponsored by a liquor brand. Being near Manila, Puerto Galera seems to be a popular choice among beach bums who favor the night life. It has the Boracay feel to it minus the pristine white sand.

A more detailed write-up will be posted on my travel blog. Hope you can find time to visit it, too!

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  1. manilahotstuff.blogspot.comMay 10, 2012 at 6:18 PM

    Hi Maureen!

    How much did the inland tour cost you per person? Looks like you had some quality family time. :)


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