Mommy Bloggers Say: Developing fine motor skills and the love for reading and protection from typhoid fever and online bad guys

This is a round-up of posts from some of my favorite Filipino mommy blogs. I will be doing this weekly so you can be sure to be updated on what mommy bloggers say.

On 10 Smart Parenting Tips on Encouraging Your Kids to Love Reading Books, Pehpot not only shared her tips but also featured their mini-library at home. Having a print-rich environment at home indeed develops love for reading.

Meanwhile, Levy shared ways on improving your child's fine motor skills. Most of the activities that she does with her son are familiar for me because I also did that when i was still teaching in pre-school. As simple as they look like, activities like lacing, painting, playing with blocks and puzzle games, and cutting paper develop the tiny muscles in young children's hands.

Jem's husband contracted typhoid fever when he was a teenager so she decided that her son be administered with the typhoid vaccine even when it's optional. Her write-up, which is centered on who should get the typhoid vaccine and when one should get it, is very informative. A very close friend of mine died of complications from typhoid fever that's why I know that typhoid fever is a very serious ailment.

After reading their posts, I hope you also check out my article on taking care of your child's online reputation where I shared tips in ensuring that your son/daughter do not leave a bad reputation online.

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