I'm playing The Sims™ FreePlay

I think you all know by now that I'm into gaming. I play Facebook games and I also have downloaded games in my Android and iOS devices. There are also a few games on the PS3 that I play with my boy. In my line of work where information overload is typical, my games help me unload and relax my brain in between tasks. The latest game I'm playing on the iPad is The Sims™ FreePlay.

I have actually played other versions of The Sims™ before. I like the game because, as the name suggests, it's free play. The time in the game follows our actual time so when it's nighttime, it's also nighttime in the game. That way, when I sleep, I can also put my Sims to sleep.

What I particularly don't like about the the game is that it lacks other features that I've grown accustomed to in the other versions. Wardrobe, fixtures, careers, and even the number of Sims that you can add in the town is limited. Playing also requires internet connection. But it's free to download both from Google Play and the App Store. At least, I don't have to buy gold coins to purchase the game, right?

Do you also play The Sims™? What version are you playing?

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