Beginnings Baby, the first all-white newborn baby apparel

My mom would tell us that, when we were still babies, our clothes would always be white especially for house clothes. She says they're not only inexpensive but presko as well. White is also synonymous to purity and innocence which is why it's perfect for babies. I bet most moms would agree and if you're one of them, then Beginnings Baby is the brand for your baby.

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I was recently invited to the launching of Beginnings Baby, the first all-white newborn baby apparel. It's a new brand manufactured by the same makers of Kindercare baby products. Kindercare has been a trusted brand especially because of their BPA-free plastic baby bottles.

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Beginnings Baby owner, Gov Daswani, explains the history behind the brand.
Pediatricians also prefer white garments for newborns for the following reasons:
  • It makes easier for us moms to spot stains and dirt. Less stains and dirt mean less germs that can harm baby's health.
  • It makes easier for us moms to detect insects. Mosquitoes and other insects love dark areas so wearing bright clothes turn them off.
  • It is clean and cool to baby's skin. Newborns have thinner skin and have fewer sweat glands so they have a limited ability to cool themselves.

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Dr. Anna Lisa Lopez-Gabriel, MD explains why pediatricians prefer white garments for young babies.

Beginnings Baby strictly follows US Standards for baby clothes. Only premium shiny cotton thread is used and a specific stitching distance is followed. Special needles are also used in sewing the clothes so there are no unsightly needle holes where breakage and tear begins. The garter that is used in the clothing was carefully studied for baby's comfort and the attachments on the shoulders and sides are guaranteed to be durable.

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Beginnings Baby products.
The Beginnings Baby line carries apparel for newborns and babies up to 12 months old. It includes t-shirts, sandos, tie-sides, sleepsuits, body suits, cardigans, shorts, pajamas, undies, shoes, booties, caps, mittens, binders, bibs, washcloths, blankets, towels, and even washable diapers.

To know more about Beginnings Baby and their line of products, visit

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  1. White is really great on kids but I got sick of the sea of white before and started looking for color. But yeah, its more presko for the kids :)

  2. Am i gna get a free samPle?:-)

  3. all of my little man's stuffs when he was just an infant are all in white + since he tends to sweat profusely, I make sure that I dress him in comfy white sandos even now that he is almost 3! :)

  4. White was never really my color, but my babies did wear "whites" when they were born.. 

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  6. i
    m 35weeks and Beginnings are one of the things i bought for my first baby haul

    kaso kulang pa rin kc hindi complete ang set nung store.. really drooling over these!


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