Healthy teeth for a healthy heart

When Rap had Kawasaki Disease when he was four, I was advised by his pediatrician to take extra care of his dental hygiene. Tooth decay is directly linked to heart disease and, with Kawasaki weakening his heart's arterial walls, he's at risk of developing major heart problems. 
Lessen your child's risk for heart disease by taking good care of his teeth. Here are some tips on how you keep your child's pearly whites cavity-free:

  • Start caring for your child's teeth from the moment he's born. A soft and damp towel is enough to clean the teeth and gums of toothless newborns. For teething babies, a silicone finger toothbrush can do the job. NO TOOTHPASTE for babies below 1, please. Baby toothpaste is supposed to be for toddlers who can be taught how to spit.
  • Moderate their intake of sweet food and drinks. Taste your baby's formula milk and ask your pedia for a better brand if it's too sweet. Instead of chocolates and candies, opt for fresh fruit for desserts and snacks.
  • Visit a pedia dentist once your child turns one year old. Pedia dentists are not only experts in caring for children's teeth but they also have tools and props to make each visit more fun for your child.
  • Invest in a dental insurance plan. Regular dental check-ups should be done every six months and these can become costly if you don't have dental insurance. If you can't afford to have your whole family insured, at least get an individual dental insurance plan for your child. There are a lot of affordable dental insurance options. 

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  1. tomo! buti na lang ganda ng training natin sa dental hygiene.

  2. hindi ko pa napapacheck anak ko sa pedia dentist so sayang nga nababayad ko sa dental insurance plan. he's not ready pa kasi, pero will try this year since 3yrs old na siya. lucky me, wala pa siya tooth decay, no problem kasi sa pagbrush ng teeth. =)

  3. i agree with you mommy that is why this early we are teaching our son proper dental hygiene so he get used to it.

  4. Its' very advisable that you get you teeth cleaned at least trice a year so that your teeth would feel clean.

  5. I get oral prophylaxis with my dentist bartlett at least every 3 months. It's not enough that you get mediocre about your oral health that's for sure.

  6. At least twice a year, I consult a dentist and always give priority to
    my dental health because I believe that it makes us beautiful when we
    have a sparkling smile. My kids too. They are used to having a dental
    check regularly and they are not afraid of going to the dentist.

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